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WA Northern Metro Network Forum

Date: Tuesday 22 Oct 2019
Time 5:30PM - 7:30PM
Venue: Buidling 34
Room 34.545
Edith Cowan University
Price: AHRI Members - 0.00
Non Members - 20.00
CPD: 1.50
Enquiries: Phone: 03 9918 9243

WA Northern Metro Network Forum

WA Northern Metro Network Forum

Check-in:   5:30pm 
Session Start:   6:00pm 
Event Concludes:     7:30pm

Just the tip of the iceberg: Understanding what lies beneath in the gendered organisation

The story of the persistence of women’s under representation in business and leadership is one that is continuously being told. In spite of considerable industry and scholarly attention to the issue, a speeding up of concerns about the gender deficit and inequality at work in the years since the second wave feminism of the 1970s, increased participation of women in the workforce and more recently a gendered focus upon the future of work and organisation. This is impressive work, but overall the story is so far one largely of failure as increased organisational feminisation has not translated into proportional representation.

What is the gender 'problem' and what, if anything is holding women back? Drawing upon a study of one Australian organisation where women are in three of the most senior positions, this presentation will explore the depth of the gender ‘problem’ and present it's findings. Which suggest that women can appear to be in positions of power in the public face shown by an organisation, but behind the scenes be kept subordinated and powerless beneath masculinity in a host of ‘hidden’ ways. In this context, having women in senior positions can work to disguise continuing inequalities. Continuing calls for women to have equal representation with men, join us for what promises to be thought provoking and challenging interactive presentation.

Speaker: Dr Trudy Bates, Associate Lecturer, University of Western Australia

With a PhD in Gendered Organisational Theory, a masters degree in Human Resource Management, a post graduate diploma in Research Methods and Professional Membership of the Australian Human Resource Institute. Trudy’s research has sought deeper explanations for the gendered structuring of jobs and work in organisations. As a feminist qualitative researcher, her work produces rich, thick ethnographic accounts that deliver credibility, rigour and authenticity through the voice of people in their own context.

It is through this that she seeks to understand the social meanings and activities of people as they go about their everyday social and organisational lives. Developing strategies for improved organisational effectiveness to drive competitive advantage for business in the new economy and find practical solutions for contemporary work organisations, both here in Australia and internationally. Interdisciplinary in its focus, positioned at the seam between employee relations and gender, work and organisation, her research agenda relates to gender, working lives, organisational behaviour and the future of work.

Originally from the UK, Trudy combines academic excellence with over 15 years professional industry research experience. She is the Founder of moreequal.org – a contemporary business and management consultancy - and has worked as senior manager, developing and delivering successful engagement strategies for organisation. Working as an Associate Lecturer at a ‘Triple Crown’ university and now as a Unit Coordinator at a ‘Group of Eight’ – ARWU ranked ‘Top 100’ university - Trudy delivers business education, research and knowledge transfer in human resource management and organisational behaviour.


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    22/10/2019 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
    Buidling 34 Room 34.545 Edith Cowan University Joondalup, WA 6027
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