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The cost of 'doing more with less'

Date: Thursday 29 Apr 2021
Time 6:00PM - 8:00PM
Room 2.140 - School of Business & Law Building
Edith Cowan Univesity
270 Joondalup Drive
WA North Metro Network
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The cost of 'doing more with less'

The cost of 'doing more with less'
Session start     6:00pm (AWST)  
Session finish   8:00pm (AWST)  

WA North Metro Network Forum 

The mantra - ‘doing more with less,’ has dominated managerial discourse for the last 30 years, permeating into every facet of working life – from sourcing fewer paperclips, to working unpaid overtime. But is it really possible to ‘do more with less’? And, if it is possible, what are the long term impacts, particularly on employee health, safety and wellbeing?

Evidence of ‘more being done with less’ is also abundant across Australia’s service industries, inclusive of traditional public services like health and aged care, as well as the emerging ‘gig economy.’ From a market lens, the austerity associated with ‘doing more with less’ means greater profits, a more agile and leaner workforce, and in some instances, novel and innovative ‘workarounds’ that drive up productivity.

For employees and subcontractors, working in a context of prolonged exposure to austerity and under-resourcing takes a psychological and physical toll, and research has tracked the long term negative health, safety and wellbeing outcomes of this. Given the prominence of ‘doing more with less’ in workplaces, particularly in a COVID-affected society, we must ask ourselves – are we running off a burnout cliff?

During this session Dr Ben Farr-Wharton will explore the health, safety and wellbeing outcomes of prolonged exposure to ‘doing more with less.’ Cases are examined with attention given to healthcare, the gig economy and emergency services contexts. The presentation ends with a set of recommendations that organisations can implement to better safeguard wellbeing.

This forum is suitable for:

HR Practitioners of all career levels and roles.

Speaker: Dr Ben Farr-Wharton, Associate Professor of Management, Edith Cowan University

Dr Ben Farr-Wharton is an Associate Professor of Management within Edith Cowan University's School of Business and Law. For the last decade, Ben has been working with international and Australian colleagues to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the antecedents and consequences of employee wellbeing, with a broad focus on factors including; stress, safety culture, resilience, harassment, performance and engagement.

Ben has undertaken research for the Australian Army, Ramsay Health Care, The Maltese Civil Police Force, State Emergency Services, and Humanitas Hospital (Italy).

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29/04/2021 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Room 2.140 - School of Business & Law Building Edith Cowan Univesity 270 Joondalup Drive WA North Metro Network, WA 6027


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