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WA Central Metro Network Forum

Date: Tuesday 01 Oct 2019
Time 5:15PM - 7:30PM
Michael Chaney Case Study Room - G42
University of Western Australia
Hackett Entrance no4 - 35 Stirling Highway
Price: AHRI Members - 0.00
Non Members - 20.00
CPD: 2.00
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03 9918 9243 (Network Forums, Webinars & Events)

WA Central Metro Network Forum

WA Central Metro Network Forum

Check-in open:   5:15pm 
Session Start:   5:30pm 
Session Finish:     7:30pm

Coaching: the difference that makes a difference

Throughout Justin’s time studying and observing great leaders and change makers, he came to realise that the ability to built trust, create momentum and move people to action didn't come from time in a job, the personality or even the experience. It was the ability to effectively coach. People want to know they are contributing to something greater and that their work has purpose, they want to know how they can make a difference and feel valued. Therefore, the role as a change maker or leader is to actively involve individuals in their own development to build on their desired and strengths while they self-identify and improve on their weaknesses.

During this session Justin will be sharing some of his insights into leadership, influence and coaching, and some of the simple techniques and approaches you can utilise within your teams.

We will cover:

• What is and what isn’t coaching.
• The fundamentals of coaching and the neuroscience behind them.
• Coaching tools you can utilise within your organisation.
• Resources which can be utilised to improve communication. 
• Some basic language patterns to positively impact your teams.

Speaker: Justin O'Heir, Director, Inspired Results

Justin O’Hehir is the founder of Inspired Results, a business that delivers change in individuals and groups both personally and professionally.

Justin had a humble and at times turbulent upbringing. His career began as an apprentice mechanic and through determination and a point to prove, quickly found himself in a management position. Justin then took the step into real estate where gained insights from great mentors and through this venture, was first introduced to coaching.

The spark became a flame which is now a raging fire. Justin began using these coaching techniques through his work as a Business and HR consultant, making massive changes to businesses through leadership programs, training and strategy.

In order to continue his passion for helping others, Justin founded Inspired Results in 2017 which partners with dynamic organisations to improve leadership capability through coaching and develop teams with unique methods. Justin has been featured on podcasts, interviews, commercial radio and TV and continues to inspire change in individuals across the world.



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1/10/2019 5:15 PM - 7:30 PM
Michael Chaney Case Study Room - G42 University of Western Australia Hackett Entrance no4 - 35 Stirling Highway Crawley, WA 6009
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