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Menopause: The missing life stage in your D&I initiatves?

Date: Wednesday 24 Jun 2020
Time 12:25PM - 1:30PM
Online via Zoom
QLD Diversity & Inclusion Network
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Menopause: The missing life stage in your D&I initiatves?

Menopause: The missing life stage in your D&I initiatves?
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Session start  12.30pm (AEST)  
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QLD Diversity & Inclusion Online Network

Women in the workplace aged 45+ are one of the fastest growing demographics, and all women will experience the menopausal transition, usually between the ages of 45 – 55 years.
At least 2/3 say the symptoms of menopause make work more challenging. 1 in 4 consider quitting and 10% do quit. This isn't just due to the symptoms, it's as much due to the silence around the topic which prevents women from accessing simple support that can make a world of difference.
Thea O’Connor is at the forefront of raising awareness about menopause and the workplace here in Australia.

Within the presentation, Thea will cover the following:
 • Why talk about menopause at work? And why now? Looking at the business, legal, demographic and social responsibility aspects
 • The facts - what is menopause and how does it affect women? Women themselves can feel in the dark about the range of symptoms that this life-stage can bring, both upsides & challenges.
 • How does menopause affect work and how do work-related factors affect menopause? Raising awareness of what can help improve women’s work life experience during this time
 • What do working women say they want? Based on published research and Thea’s interviews
 • What are some practical first steps for workplaces interested in putting menopause on their agenda? Find out what other organisations are doing in this space, and the programs available

This forum is suitable for:

HR Practitioners of all career levels in all HR roles.

Speaker: Thea O’Connor, Wellbeing and Productivity Advisor/Coach/Presenter, NapNow

Thea O’Connor is an advisor to workplace leaders, teams and individuals.
The focus of her work is to re-humanise our work ethic so that it is designed around human biological rhythms rather than machines.
Specialising in the wellbeing needs of mid-life working women, Thea is working to help create work cultures that recognise menopause as a natural stage in the life-cycle, that if supported, can yield great gifts to employees and employers alike.

She is creator of The Change – a confidential online program, empowering working women through menopause, and Menopause@Work: Training for Managers.


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24/06/2020 12:25 PM - 1:30 PM
Online via Zoom QLD Diversity & Inclusion Network, QLD AUSTRALIA


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