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NSW L&D Network Forum

Date: Tuesday 30 Jul 2019
Time 5:00PM - 7:30PM
Level 5, 345 George Street
Price: AHRI Members - 0.00
Non Members - 20.00
CPD: 1.50
Enquiries: 03 9918 9200 (Short courses & Formal Education)
03 9918 9243 (Network Forums, Webinars & Events)

NSW L&D Network Forum

NSW L&D Network Forum

Check in time – 5.00pm
Session start – 6.00pm
Session finish – 7.30pm

Proceed up escalators and turn right towards lift. Head to Level 5

Own Your Space

A Passion and Purpose interactive keynote for AHRI, delivered by Tony Sloman. It will teach you how to engage and influence an audience by ‘showing up’ as the most authentic version of yourself.

As HR and L&D professionals, we are continually tasked with engaging and influencing stakeholders in order to achieve important outcomes. We are regarded as ‘trusted learning advisors’ and it is incumbent upon us to engage the room… to ‘own our space’, whether this is a board meeting, pitching a strategic initiative, facilitating a workshop, presenting or conducting high-stakes interviews. We are expected to be the experts, to portray accurate and engaging content that inspires and engages our listeners.

We are meant to know how to be the front-person and we may never have been shown how. Add to this the most common mindset that accompanies public speaking pressure – ‘imposter syndrome’ and we are self-sabotaged before we even get in the room. ‘Own your Space’ is part of the Passion and Purpose methodology of ‘EMPOWER’. It is about equipping leaders at all levels with the tools and mindset that enable them to shine when they are under the spotlight.

In this AHRI keynote, Tony will create a safe and inclusive environment that will inspire us to look inward at our inner resources, to embrace our vulnerability and our authenticity in order to connect to ourselves, to others and to own our stage.

Connection is a key element of the Passion and Purpose methodology that empowers us with a sense of purpose around our messages, enables us to deepen our level of engagement with our stakeholders and teaches us to mindfully embrace the space whilst reducing performance nerves and self-consciousness. The result is confidence and credibility.

Participants will learn through theory, performance techniques, reflection, collective wisdom and by getting up and embodying the tools. This keynote is designed to be inspiring, practical and fun.

Learning objectives include:
 • The ability to conquer our nerves when we are communicating under pressure
 • How to ‘Own your Space’ and exercise our ‘Right to Speak’
 • The Passion and Purpose model of Connection; connecting with purpose, with others and with the environment
 • The ability to engage authentically!

Speaker: Tony Sloman, Director, Passion and Purpose

Tony is proud to have developed P&P’s unique learning methodology over a 15-year period. It combines; his education and experience as a professional actor in film/TV/theatre/radio globally, adult education practices, training as an executive coach, 10 years of facilitation experience, 13 years in high-pressure corporate environments and his education in science.

Tony studied at the prestigious Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London where he was awarded the Principal’s Prize for outstanding achievement across the entire 800+ student population. His peers included Daniel Craig (current James Bond), Damian Lewis, Ewan McGregor. He holds qualifications in executive coaching, training and assessment, a diploma of professional acting and a bachelor of science from UNSW (IT/Accounting/Psychology/Philosophy). Tony is proud to have trained many business leaders and entrepreneurs.


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Registration closes Friday 26 July 2019

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30/07/2019 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Aurion Level 5, 345 George Street Sydney, NSW 2000
Registration not available.


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