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Radical simplicity: Making the most of your energy and time

Date: Wednesday 25 Aug 2021
Time 12:00PM - 1:30PM
Quest Orange
132 Kite Street
Orange NSW 2800
NSW Central West Network
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Radical simplicity: Making the most of your energy and time

Radical simplicity: Making the most of your energy and time
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Session start  12:00pm (AEST) 
Session finish   1:30pm (AEST)


NSW Central West Network

Radical simplicity is about focusing on what is most important at any one time, identifying what gets in the way, and choosing strategies that will work for you. In this 60-min session we look at how to make the most of your time and energy, at work and beyond.


What is radical simplicity?

– Respecting the limitations of the conscious mind

– The reality for most people: The real cost of split focus and multi-tasking

– Discussion: How does this play out for you and your organisation?

Radical simplicity for self

– How to get a sense of progress and achievement

– The rule of three: What would you focus on if you had to choose what was most important?

– Activity: What are my three areas and what do I need to do next for each?

• Radical simplicity for organisations

– Most organisations have a laundry list of attributes and competencies for their leaders

– What do you find yourself constantly having to remind your leaders to focus on?

– Activity: How can I make it simple for my leaders to focus on what matters most?

This forum is suitable for:

HR practitioners at all career levels in all role types. 

Speaker: Georgia Lush (Lush Perspectives) 

Lush Perspectives is a coaching and training consultancy based in Orange NSW, run by Georgia Lush, BA MEd. With more than 25 years experience in organisational development, Georgia is a dynamic group facilitator and expert coach helping individuals, teams and organisations transform their thinking. As a specialist in the design and delivery of transformative leadership and culture programs, Georgia draws on the insights from the neuroscience of leadership in crafting innovative brain-based solutions. Georgia has made her home in Orange, NSW where she is passionate about bringing innovative learning experiences to regional NSW.


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8/25/2021 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Quest Orange 132 Kite Street Orange NSW 2800 NSW Central West Network, NSW 2800 AUSTRALIA


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