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National Convention & Exhibition 2019 Webcasts

National Convention & Exhibition 2019 Webcasts
The Future is Human

The rise of AI and machine learning have been pushing innovation to the limits and are spurring waves of technological experimentation. One thing is certain: the role of humans will become more vital than ever.

If you missed the opportunity to take part in this immersive, multi-day learning experience you can still watch webcasts of main program keynote and concurrent speakers and learn how to be a Future Thinker.

Click the 'Register Myself' button (once logged in) to purchase the suite of available webcasts for $199:

1. Dom Price - The Future is already here: How to thrive, not just survive 

2. Rob Phipps & Corrine Canter - Catching the wave... Brexit, walls and Royal Commissions 

3. Susan Scott-Parker - AI-Powered unfair recruitment: If you aren't in the database you never will be 

4. Rhonda Brighton-Hall & Dimitria Groutsis - Belonging: Going beyond engagement is about culture, contribution and connection 

5. Scott Anthony - The myths and realities of building a culture of innovation 

6. Fiona Kerr - Partnering with AI for a human-centric future 
16/09/2019 - 19/09/2019
Brisbane, QLD


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