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HR's role in fixing the Emotional Intelligence shortfall

Date: Wednesday 24 Jul 2019
Time 12:00PM - 1:00PM
Venue: online webinar

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HR's role in fixing the Emotional Intelligence shortfall

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The Emotional Intelligence shortfall from Digital Culture – and HR’s role in fixing it

The impact of Digital Culture on the workplace has long been of fascination to commentators.
Earlier assessments focused on the implications of a creative, tech-savvy, innovative, idealistic, and curious workforce.
More recent evidence reveals some cracks in that picture.

Publications as broad and authoritative as the Harvard Business Review, Harvard Law School Program, The Wall Street Journal, (UK) Independent, BrainWorld, The Leadership Quarterly, The Chronicle of Higher Education, plus major surveys by Gallup and LinkedIn and a raft of psychological studies, have highlighted findings of shortfalls in collaboration and other attributes fundamental to Emotional Intelligence – and to leadership per se.
Digital Culture, in any social media platform, delights in a zero-sum view of the world. Far from collaboration with others, it encourages competition and potential conflict. Not surprising then the emerging skills gap in leadership qualities and competencies, now sounding an ominous note for organizations.

The leaders of tomorrow are a company’s future. Theirs is the responsibility for the direction that will drive the transformations to come – not yet recognized but inevitable in an era of remorseless disruption. How can they succeed in a disruptive environment with neither the collaborative mindset nor the EI skills to manage conflict? Caught in the middle of all this is HR. Because the buck stops with them in leadership development. And also because disputes that should be negotiated at source, are increasingly ending up in their court to adjudicate. It’s a complex dynamic that, unresolved, will bring further disruptions of its own.

Evan Mitchell, Co-Founder HOW&Y

Evan Mitchell graduated from the University of Sydney with an Honours degree in English Literature and Psychology.
He worked as a sommelier in fine dining restaurants before joining Mitchell Performance Systems as a designer and consultant – spending a number of years developing brand introduction and negotiation strategies for leading US companies, including Gillette, Kimberly-Clark, GlaxoSmithKline and Universal Studios.
He has co-authored three books with Brian Mitchell on commercial psychological themes – including the well-reviewed 2009 US hardcover Praeger publication The Psychology of Wine ( ) – and has authored over 30 articles on digital culture issues through HOW&Y, a business he co-founded.

Evan is responsible for research at HOW&Y, and was a principal in the development team that achieved the Australian Business Award for Best New Product Innovation in 2016. Recently HOW&Y has entered a joint venture arrangement with the US and Australian company Guided Resolution, on Interactive Empowerment – a breakthrough in workplace dispute resolution methods.


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24/07/2019 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
online webinar VIC AUSTRALIA
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